9135 Katy Freeway, Suite #1, Houston, Texas 77024

                                                         Tel. 713-722-8900 email: info@vaultrecording.com


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The Vault Recording Studios are in Houston, Texas. Multi-track digital recording, Mixing, CD Mastering, CD Duplication, Audio books on CD, Voice-overs, Karaoke recording and more! Product Distribution now available through major distributors. Call now for information.

            With many years of experience in sound recording and record production, our clients have counted on our ability to deliver clean musical tracks of the highest quality, carefully mixed & mastered for their music projects and finished CD masters. We also do short-run promotional CD copies. See our "Rates" page for more details. If You are seriously interested in International Online CD  Distribution for your songs or record label, contact us about our affiliation with major distributors such as Universal Music Group and Ingrooves. We can now truly handle all of your recording needs from the very first note to the final product to your online or retail presence!


     The Vault's Studio "A",  with its British, analog, Studiomaster Trackmix console, features Cubase, ProTools, Wavelab, Sonic Foundry,      The Vault's Studio "A",  with its British, analog, Studiomaster Trackmix console, features Cubase, ProTools, Wavelab, Sonic Foundry, with Waves digital plug-ins and analog outboard gear for tracking, mixdown or CD Mastering to achieve radio quality sound.

     Studio "B" comes with Cubase ProTools and AKG Microphones. A great sounding tracking room for smaller CD projects, mix-tapes, pre-production, etc.

     The Vault Recording Studios also offers a full range of related music, recording and business services including: CD Voice-overs, Karaoke Recording, radio & record promotion, song writing, music arranging, scoring, musicians available, production supervision and coordination.  Plain language business consultation, contract consultation/review and contract negotiation are available at affordable rates.  See Services Offered.

      The Vault's Dave Williams says, "The music industry has never been more competitive. The term "good enough" no longer cuts it. You MUST maximize your musical potential in order to win. You must present your material in the most professional manner your budget will allow."  Even if you record your songs in your home studio, consider finishing your vocals, mixes or  mastering at The Vault Studios in Houston, Texas. Many of our clients know our work and know we pay attention to their projects. They also know we are a good source of important industry information that helps them not make the usual mistakes made by many. That is why they return to The Vault Studios again and again. Don't take chances with your musical career. Your project is important to us.  If you sound good, we look good.

  Ryan Michael Galloway of GigsterClinics.com ( a resource for rising performers) interviews Dave Williams of The Vault Studios

We have on-site parking, and there are several restaurants, convenience stores and hotels in the immediate area. The Vault Recording Studios, at 9135 Katy Freeway, Suite #1, Houston, Texas, 77024 (Interstate 10  just east of  Echo Lane/Blalock Road, exit 759) can be easily reached. Contact us or call 713-722-8900 for directions or click on the Yahoo! map below.

* It has come to my attention that some area studios may have found the content of this site useful enough to copy and place on their websites. While I am flattered that they might be impressed with our experience, abilities, label credits and website content, blatantly stealing from my site is dishonest and you do your potential clients a huge disservice. Stop it.  -Dave Williams


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Map of 9135 Katy Fwy Ste 1
Houston, TX 77024-1619

Check out our "Services" & "FAQ" pages..... We're sure we can help with your next CD project!

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David Williams at The Vault Recording Studios

Telephone: 713-722-8900

Address: 9135 Katy Freeway, Suite #1, Houston, Texas 77024

E-mail: info@vaultrecording.com


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The Vault Recording Studios, Houston, TX