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The Studios 

     What you hear is what you get!  Whether you decide to use our  Cubase or ProTools digital audio system, what you hear on our studio monitors is what you'll hear in your car, home, another studio, or as you submit your finished master to a record company's A&R director.  We rely on our JBL, KRK, Tannoy monitors & Bose sub-woofers to insure accurate sound.

     What you'll get is your music as you intended.  We have plenty of analog signal processing, effects and digital plug-ins for hard disk recording.  Also available are keyboards, samplers, sound modules, drum samples, drum loops and EFX libraries on CD. The combination of digital audio tracks and extensive Midi tracks enables us to handle virtually any music project.


 Studio "A" equipped with Cubase, Protools, Wavelab, Waves and more for artists, live music, group situations processed through our Studiomaster Trackmix 32  British console for a big, warm, punchy sound with automation, lots of analog outboard gear, vintage Ludwig drums, keyboards, sound modules, drum machines and even 24 tracks of Alesis ADATS for your older projects.  



Studio "B" with Cubase featuring Motif & Proteus sound libraries, ProTools  plus more, (fully automated tracking/mixdown hard disk recording systems) great for MIDI/Audio production, mix-tapes, etc.


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The Vault Recording Studios, Houston, TX