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Rates, Prices & Fees 

Studio "A"$55/hr.   (2 hr. minimum - $65. for 1 hr.)
Studio "B"$45/hr.   (2 hr. minimum - $55. for 1 hr.)
CD Duplication          See below
Masteringfrom $35 - $50/song (or rate for CD album)
Media Transfers$40/hr.


* All sessions starting AFTER 9:00pm will be subject to a $5.00 per hour price increase.


 STUDIO 'A' (basic studio time discounts)

Special -  6 hr. block  $300.00  ($50.00 per hr.)

             10 hr. block  $450.00  ($45.00 per hr.)


STUDIO 'B' (basic studio time discounts)

Special - 6 hr. block   $240.00  ($40. 00 per hr.)

             10 hr. block   $375.00  ($37.50 per hr.)

             20 hr. block   $700.00  ($35.00 per hr.) 


           * The 20 hr. block must be used 

             within the same week.


Live Bands

We know it takes extra time to get setup and breakdown after each session. With our block rate pricing, we will include up to one free hour for setup & breakdown. Also, use of available studio instruments are free. 



CD Duplication



We do short-run duplication of your CD project with text-only design.  We print directly to disk using white or silver writeable face disks, inkjet printers and use plain white sleeves with cellophane cutouts. Because we don't charge a setup fee for your project, we print "The Vault Recording Studios - Houston, TX" in small 7 point text discreetly at the bottom arch of your CDs. If you prefer we did not, add $15.00 to the total project cost. Call for details.


1. Black text only          50 CDs $69.  100 CDs $99.     300 CDs $250.  500 CDs $410.

2. Two color text only    50 CDs $79.  100 CDs $119.   300 CDs $305.  500 CDs $500.

3. Full Color                 50 CDs $99.  100 CDs $159.   300 CDs $410.  500 CDs $680. (Temporarily Not Available)



CD Mastering


This is the finishing step in presenting your material with the sonic fidelity of the commercial releases you hear on your favorite CDs and radio stations. Most people confuse "mastering" with "mixing." They are two entirely different processes. Ask any mix engineer responsible for many of the hit records you've listened to and they will tell you that mastering is the necessary final step. All commercially released CDs are mastered. Even some demo projects are mastered. When sending your demos to labels, management or production companies for signing consideration, your music will sound more impressive once mastered.


When mastered, your material will have a cleaner, punchier sound that will sound good on many listening devices we use such as car stereos, home systems, small speaker systems, night clubs, I-pods, etc. Consistent volumes, balanced fade ins/outs, transition spacing between songs are part of the process.


In many cases, mastering can help improve the sound of material that was mixed by a less than experienced engineer. A number of producers/artists have home studios, etc. but lack the necessary equipment or "ears" to achieve the sonic fidelity to which listening audiences have become accustom. This is where mastering may save the day. Contact Us.




Booking Policy - A 25% deposit will be required to book studio time.  A full 24-hour advance notice is required for session cancellation.  Failure to provide such notice will result in clients’ full payment for time booked as well as loss of deposit.  Minimum 2-hour booking.  Contact us about our block time rates, lock out rates and frequent specials. Sessions starting AFTER 9:00pm will be subject to a $5.00 per hour price increase. All block rate sessions are to be paid in full at the end of the initial session.

Checks accepted 24 hours in advance of session.  Out-of-state checks require five days to clear.  Otherwise, all payments are to be made in cash, Pay Pal, Credit or Debit card. Thank you.

Additional Options 

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