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Having your product mastered is one the most important final steps in preparing you music for retail sale, radio air-play, internet radio, MP3 downloads, your web site or social media. Even if you are presenting your material to record labels or publishing consideration you really need to think about having your music mastered so that your material will have that high quality sonic edge necessary to catch the attention of industry professionals.

You are competing with some of the best sounding material available on the market and you MUST make sure you are giving your project every sonic opportunity to sound as good as possible.

As you continue to read, click on the songs below and hear the comparisons between the mixed versions of the demonstrated songs and the mastered versions.

1.   Feels So Good - R&B          2.   Lily - Blues, Rock          3.   Why You Think I'm Trippin' - Hip-Hop, R&B

4.   Man Up - Rap          5.   Don't Wait - Blues, Rock          6.   Is That You - Country, Pop


As you will hear, some of the songs only needed minor adjustments to deliver a more quality recording while maintaining the sound and integrity of the performance. Others needed considerably more work to bring it up to or closer to the desired industry standard.

With more and more artists recording their material in home or production studios, the need for mastering becomes even more critical. What may sound good to you may not cut it at all with the industry ears who have become accustomed to hearing some of the best recorded material.

The cost of mastering your material via the Internet or dropping it off at the studio is $35.00 per song. For albums consisting of more than 10 songs, we will master one song free of charge.

If you are in the Houston, Texas area and want to schedule an appointment to sit-in while your material is mastered, the cost per song is $50.00. Again, for albums consisting of more than 10 songs, we will master one song free of charge.


There are three ways of sending your material to be mastered to The Vault Recording Studios.

  1. Send your files to use through a service like Mega Upload or You Send It. (We accept most file formats. Our preference is .wav, aiff. etc.) MP3s and other compressed files generally donít have the necessary sonic fidelity to produce good sounding quality masters. Do not finalize, over-compress, or peak master your files. Or contact us for preferred instructions.


  1. If you are not able to upload your files, send them via the post office on CD as data or .cma files.

   3.    If you are planning on booking an appointment to sit-in on your mastering session, just bring your files or audio CD with you.


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